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Velocity Manifold
This hand crafted manifold will increase torque and performance.  Made of 6061 aircraft aluminum.
Needle Bearing Conversions
Head Work
Limey Lucas Motorcycles Products
For BSA A65 and A10. Replaces the old style bushing and reroutes the oil for more reliable lubrication.
Valves, guides, seats, and decking.  We also weld aluminum exhaust manifolds.

        Before          After
​Polished connecting rods.
Motor Rebuilding
SRM Oil Pumps
Master Cylinder Clamp
Replace your stock handlebar switch with our beautiful solid aluminum one.
Most Recent Build
Aluminum Polishing
Complete Restoration
1970 BSA Thunderbolt.  Owner Steve Spelman.
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1972 Triumph Bonneville Bobber.  Owner Paulie Seda.